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Fortnite Item Shop

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What is in the current Fortnite Item Shop?

Football Icons

KANE & REUS BUNDLE fortnite pack


3,200 2,300 KANE & REUS BUNDLE Price VBucks
Harry Kane skin fortnite item shop

Harry Kane

1,600 Harry Kane Price VBucks
Marco Reus skin fortnite item shop

Marco Reus

1,600 Marco Reus Price VBucks


Deathstroke Zero skin fortnite item shop


3,100 2,000 HARLEY QUINN BUNDLE Price VBucks

Harley Quinn

1,500 Harley Quinn Price VBucks
Punchline pickaxe fortnite


800 Punchline Price VBucks


The Flash Bundle fortnite pack

The Flash Bundle

3,100 2,200 The Flash Bundle Price VBucks
The Flash skin fortnite item shop

The Flash

1,500 The Flash Price VBucks
Black Manta skin fortnite item shop

Black Manta

1,500 Black Manta Price VBucks



2,600 1,800 CATWOMAN BUNDLE Price VBucks
Whipcrack emote fortnite


300 Whipcrack Price VBucks
BATMAN GEAR BUNDLE fortnite pack


2,000 1,500 BATMAN GEAR BUNDLE Price VBucks
Batglider fortnite glider


1,200 Batglider Price VBucks
Caped Crusader music

Caped Crusader

200 Caped Crusader Price VBucks



2,600 2,000 BEAST BOY BUNDLE Price VBucks

Beast Boy

1,800 Beast Boy Price VBucks


BATMAN ZERO BUNDLE fortnite pack


3,500 2,100 BATMAN ZERO BUNDLE Price VBucks
Batman Zero skin fortnite item shop

Batman Zero

1,500 Batman Zero Price VBucks
Dizzie's Domain Pack

Dizzie's Domain Pack

3,99 $  |  3,19 £  |  3,99 €
Street Shadows Challenge Pack

Street Shadows Challenge Pack


Fortnite - The Last Laugh Bundle

29,99 $  |  24,99 £  |  29,99 €
Batman Caped Crusader Pack

Batman Caped Crusader Pack

15,99 $  |  12,99 £  |  15,99 €
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FAQs about Fortnite Item Shop

  • The best valued, most wanted and most desired cosmetic items are Fortnite skins. Then there are the dances that give a lot of play and fun. These 2 types of cosmetics are the basis for players to enjoy a unique, different and fun experience within Fortnite Battle Royale.

    But we can't forget that there are also a series of accessories that are very useful, necessary and that help us to level up, eliminate opponents and finish the game successfully. All cosmetics you can buy in the current daily shop are:

    1. Skins, characters, costumes or outfits
    2. Dances, emotes or gestures
    3. Backpacks or back blings
    4. Pickaxes, harvesting tools or axes
    5. Wraps, gun skins or weapon camouflages
    6. Gliders, umbrellas or parachutes
    7. Contrails or skydiving trails

    There are other elements that are part of the game and that complement the objects of the new shop today or Fortnite item shop tomorrow. These cosmetics cannot be bought, they are obtained as rewards or as complements when buying the Battle Pass or item sets. These are:

    1. Pets
    2. Toys
    3. Music
    4. Sprays
    5. Loading screens
    6. Banner Tokens

    You can also purchase limited time offers that are packages or sets related to a character in the game or event that is taking place live during the days those offers are active. These packs always contain various cosmetics and accessories such as exclusive skins with their corresponding backpacks, extra challenges with which you can win more V-Bucks, etc.

  • On this website you can see all the cosmetics in the item shop today now. Depending on the region you are in you may be looking at today's new items and Fortnite item shop tomorrow. In a country where the Fortnite shop is updated in the morning or in the afternoon you will see the next store of the current day and tomorrow until the next rotation.

  • Each new update of the Fortnite shop today renews the two sections of which it is composed: featured cosmetics and daily items.

    The featured skins, dances, pickaxes, backpacks,... are items that are not easy to get within the game and/or that appear very rarely in the new patches, updates and shop rotations.

    Most are rare, legendary and epic items highly valued by Fortnite players. These cosmetics can stay in the shop for several days and do not have to be included in the daily rotation. They don't have to disappear the next day when the daily shop change.

    Daily items are more common and usually cheaper, but not worse. They can vary from 3 to 6 objects that change every day, although depending on whether there are real events (movie or series premieres, sports events, world celebrations or international days, etc.) more cosmetics related to that event are added.

  • The Fortnite daily item shop is reset every day at 00:00 UTC (Universal Time). Depending on the country you live this time is:

    East Coast US
    8pm (EDT)
    West Coast US
    5pm (PDT)
    United Kingdom
    1am (BST)
    2am (CEST)
    However, there're times when Epic Games updates the video game store at a different time than normal. The most common reason is that a new update or patch has been released for the game.

    At the weekends (Thursdays) of each season, there is a new Fortnite item shop rotation at a different time than usual which is when maintenance on your servers has been completed after the new patch or update has been implemented or activated.

    Currently, the game runs under Chapter 2 Season 2, Patch 12.00.

  • In the Fortnite Shop the currency for buying items is called V-Bucks. You can get this coin in several ways:

    • You can get free V-Bucks as a reward for your progress in the game and/or by completing daily and weekly missions. This method of earning free V-Bucks without paying a single dollar is called V-Bucks Farming.
    • Another option for farming is to play "Save the World" by performing certain tasks and actions: logging in every day, completing daily tasks and successfully completing missions in different locations (StoneWood, Twine Peaks, etc.).
    • Participating in events.
    • Although the fastest way, of course, is through payments made within the Epic Games game itself where you can directly buy VBucks with real money.

  • Fortnite is a free game but if you want to access premium content that is impossible to get otherwise like exclusive skins you will need V-Bucks.

    1000 Fortnite V-Bucks cost 9,99 USD. As you spend more money on a payment you get access to bonuses. Here is a table with the current prices:

    1,000 V-bucks
    $9.99 USD £7.99 GBP
    2,800 V-bucks
    $24.99 USD £19.99 GBP
    12% Bonus
    5,000 V-bucks$59.99 USD £40.00 GBP
    25% Bonus
    13,500 V-bucks$99.99 USD £79.99 GBP
    35% Bonus
    When a new season starts, the Battle Pass cost 950 V-Bucks (approx. 9.50 USD). The Battle Pass brings you new rewards as a player by unlocking levels of the game. These are bonuses that you can't win if you play Fortnite for free.