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Fortnite Dimensional Gate Backpack

Dimensional Gate
Dc Backpack
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Pocket portal to interdimensional power.

Dimensional Gate backpack is a Fortnite Backpack from the Teen Titans set. This back bling is one of the Fortnite Battle Pass cosmetics in Chapter 2 Season 6. You can get it once you have reached Tier 82.

Set Teen Titans

The Set Teen Titans contains 4 cosmetic items.

How To Get Dimensional Gate Backpack Fortnite

The backbling Dimensional Gate belongs to Chapter 2 Season 6. This backbling is available as a reward by unlocking Level 82 of Battle Pass from Chapter 2 Season 6.

Backbling Dimensional Gate PNG

Backpack Dimensional Gate Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Dimensional Gate Backpack Icon Image

Cosmetic Cheat Sheet

TypeFortnite Backpacks
AvailabilityFortnite Battle Pass
Season6 (Season 16)