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Fortnite Dynamo Grav-Suit Backpack

Dynamo Grav-Suit
Epic BackBling
Rated: 3.8/5 (279 votes)

Beast (Hunter) mode activated.

🎒 Dynamo Grav-Suit backpack is a Epic Fortnite BackBling. Is Part of the Intergalactic Beast Hunter set.

📅 This backbling was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 4 December 2020 (Chapter 2 Season 5 Patch 15.00).

🔰 This cosmetic is one of the Fortnite Battle Pass cosmetics in Chapter 2 Season 5. It was available once you have reached Tier 11.

💎 Exclusive Dynamo Grav-Suit styles upgrades could be unlocked by completing challenges related to this costume.

Backpack Dynamo Grav-Suit Styles

Dynamo Grav-Suit backbling Style

Dynamo Grav-Suit

Nebula Grav-Suit backbling Style

Nebula Grav-Suit

Galactic Grav-Suit backbling Style

Galactic Grav-Suit

Set Intergalactic Beast Hunter

The Set Intergalactic Beast Hunter contains 6 cosmetic items.

wrap Grav-Fusion


Tier 9 (Chapter 2, Season 5) Grav-Fusion - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5)
backpack Dynamo Grav-Suit

Dynamo Grav-Suit

Tier 11 (Chapter 2, Season 5) Dynamo Grav-Suit - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5)


Tier 14 (Chapter 2, Season 5) Hyperflight - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5)
skin Reese


Tier 15 (Chapter 2, Season 5) Reese - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5)
pickaxe Ne'jari Warhammer

Ne'jari Warhammer

Tier 18 (Chapter 2, Season 5) Ne'jari Warhammer - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5)
glider Hunter's Skyblade

Hunter's Skyblade

Tier 20 (Chapter 2, Season 5) Hunter's Skyblade - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5)

How To Get Dynamo Grav-Suit Backpack Fortnite

Dynamo Grav-Suit belongs to Chapter 2 Season 5. This cosmetic was available as a reward by unlocking Level 11 of Battle Pass from Chapter 2 Season 5.

Back Bling Dynamo Grav-Suit Images PNG

Backpack Dynamo Grav-Suit Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Dynamo Grav-Suit Backpack Icon Image

Backbling Cheat Sheet

Type Fortnite Backpacks
AvailabilityFortnite Battle Pass
Season5 (Season 15)
Added 4 December 2020