Fortnite Ghost Portal Backpack

Ghost Portal
Epic BackBling
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I just got a chill. Reactive: Additional FX after eliminating opponents.

🎒 Ghost Portal backpack is a Epic Fortnite BackBling. Is Part of the Skull Squad set.

📅 This backbling was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 3 April 2019 (Chapter 1 Season 5 Patch 8.20-CU).

🏆 BackBling Ghost Portal could be obtained as a reward from Skull Trooper Challenges of Season 6.

☢️ Backbling Ghost Portal is reactive:
It changes or evolves (reacts) when something happens in the game. Actions such as causing damage, opening chests, ... or conditions such as whether it is day or night, for example.

Backpack Ghost Portal Styles

BLUE backbling Style


PURPLE backbling Style


GREEN backbling Style


Set Skull Squad

The Set Skull Squad contains 25 cosmetic items.

skin Bone Boss

Bone Boss

skin Fishskull


wrap Bony


pickaxe Bait Bones

Bait Bones

Harvesting Tool
pickaxe Beef Bone

Beef Bone

Harvesting Tool
backpack Creep Fried

Creep Fried

backpack Cuddly Bones

Cuddly Bones

backpack Bone Wings

Bone Wings

backpack Ghost Portal

Ghost Portal

 Wiggle Trooper

Wiggle Trooper

Tier 21 (Chapter 2 - Season 1) Wiggle Trooper - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1)
 Skull Reaper

Skull Reaper

Tier 37 (Chapter 2 - Season 1) Skull Reaper - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 1)
 Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper

Tier 58 (Chapter 1 - Season 9) Skull Trooper - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 1 Season 9)
 Skull Squad

Skull Squad

Tier 90 (Chapter 1 - Season 7) Skull Squad - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 1 Season 7)

How To Get Ghost Portal Backpack Fortnite

Ghost Portal belongs to Chapter 1 Season 5. You could unlock the Fortnite Ghost Portal BackBling completing the Skull Trooper Challenges of Season 6.

Back Bling Ghost Portal Images PNG

Backpack Ghost Portal Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Ghost Portal Backpack Icon Image

TypeFortnite Backpacks
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
ChapterChapter 1
SeasonSeason 5
Price VBucksFree (Challenges)
Added 3 April 2019
Release DateUnreleased
Last SeenNever
Ocurrences 0

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