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Fortnite Smoothie Backpack

RARE BackBling
Rated: 4.7/5 (660 votes)

Blended banana buddy.

🎒 Smoothie backpack is a Rare Fortnite BackBling. Is Part of the Bunker Days set.

📅 This backbling was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 18 June 2019 (Chapter 1 Season 9 Patch 9.30).

☢️ Backbling Smoothie is reactive:
It changes or evolves (reacts) when something happens in the game. Actions such as causing damage, opening chests, ... or conditions such as whether it is day or night, for example.

Set Bunker Days

The Set Bunker Days contains 11 cosmetic items.

backpack Nana Cape

Nana Cape

backpack Smoothie


music Best Buds

Best Buds

200 Best Buds Price VBucks
 Stay Smooth

Stay Smooth

 Perfect Blend

Perfect Blend

skin P-1000


dance Peely Pulse

Peely Pulse

pickaxe Ripe Rippers

Ripe Rippers

Tier 7 (Chapter 1, Season 9) Ripe Rippers - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 1 Season 9)
wrap Ripe


Tier 19 (Chapter 1, Season 9) Ripe - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 1 Season 9)
skin Bunker Jonesy

Bunker Jonesy

Tier 23 (Chapter 1, Season 9) Bunker Jonesy - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 1 Season 9)
pickaxe Bunker Basher

Bunker Basher

Tier 38 (Chapter 1, Season 9) Bunker Basher - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 1 Season 9)

How To Get Smoothie Backpack Fortnite

The back bling Smoothie belongs to Chapter 1 Season 9. It's not yet known how to get the cosmetic Smoothie.

Back Bling Smoothie PNG

Backpack Smoothie Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Smoothie Backpack Icon Image

Backbling Cheat Sheet

Type Fortnite Backpacks
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
ChapterChapter 1
SeasonSeason 9
Price VBucks
Added18 June 2019
Release DateUnreleased
Last SeenNever