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Fortnite Beastfang Pickaxe

Epic Pickaxe
Rated: 4.7/5 (323 votes)

Passed down through the generations.

Beastfang pickaxe is a Epic Fortnite Pickaxe from the The Wildheart set.

Pickaxe Beastfang styles

Harpy's Claw harvesting tool style

Harpy's Claw

Sharktooth Spear harvesting tool style

Sharktooth Spear

Set The Wildheart

The Set The Wildheart contains 4 cosmetic items.

How To Get Beastfang Pickaxe Fortnite

The axe Beastfang belongs to Chapter 2 Season 5. It's not yet known how to get the axe Beastfang.

Axe Beastfang PNG

Pickaxe Beastfang Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Beastfang Pickaxe Icon Image

Cosmetic Cheat Sheet

TypeFortnite Pickaxes
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
Season5 (Season 15)
Price VBucks
Release DateUnreleased
Last SeenNever