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Fortnite Stringles Pickaxe

Epic Harvesting Tool
Rated: 4.8/5 (341 votes)

It's me, Stringles! Your new best frien---OOF! OW! YIKES! HEY!

Stringles pickaxe is a Epic Fortnite Harvesting Tool. Is Part of the Inkville Gang set.

📅 This harvesting tool was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 13 September 2021 (Chapter 2 Season 9 Patch 18.00).

🔰 This cosmetic is one of the Fortnite Battle Pass cosmetics in Chapter 2 Season 9. It was available once you have reached Tier 20.

☢️ Harvesting tool Stringles is reactive:
It changes or evolves (reacts) when something happens in the game. Actions such as causing damage, opening chests, ... or conditions such as whether it is day or night, for example.

💎 Exclusive Stringles styles upgrades could be unlocked by completing challenges related to this costume.

Pickaxe Stringles Styles

Knightly Crimson harvesting tool Style

Knightly Crimson

Y-Labs Magenta harvesting tool Style

Y-Labs Magenta

Cuddly Pink harvesting tool Style

Cuddly Pink

Ruby Red harvesting tool Style

Ruby Red

Renegade Red harvesting tool Style

Renegade Red

Pumpkin Orange harvesting tool Style

Pumpkin Orange

Midas Gold harvesting tool Style

Midas Gold

Desert Sand harvesting tool Style

Desert Sand

Banana Yellow harvesting tool Style

Banana Yellow

Leafy Green harvesting tool Style

Leafy Green

Recruit Green harvesting tool Style

Recruit Green

Codename G.R.N. harvesting tool Style

Codename G.R.N.

Ghoulish Green harvesting tool Style

Ghoulish Green

Slurp Turquoise harvesting tool Style

Slurp Turquoise

Diamond Blue harvesting tool Style

Diamond Blue

Frozen Blue harvesting tool Style

Frozen Blue

Crystalline Blue harvesting tool Style

Crystalline Blue

Brite Purple harvesting tool Style

Brite Purple

Mezmerizing Violet harvesting tool Style

Mezmerizing Violet

Robotic Grey harvesting tool Style

Robotic Grey

Stone Grey harvesting tool Style

Stone Grey

default harvesting tool Style


Set Inkville Gang

The Set Inkville Gang contains 23 cosmetic items.

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Tier 0 (Chapter 2 - Season 8) Toona Fish - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 8)
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Tier 0 (Chapter 2 - Season 8) Inky - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 8)
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 Fantastic Cat

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Tier 10 (Chapter 2 - Season 8) THE COLORS! - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 8)
 Watch Out, Toona Fish!

Watch Out, Toona Fish!

Tier 10 (Chapter 2 - Season 8) Watch Out, Toona Fish! - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 8)
 Bait Shoppe Ballast

Bait Shoppe Ballast

Tier 20 (Chapter 2 - Season 8) Bait Shoppe Ballast - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 8)
pickaxe Stringles


Tier 20 (Chapter 2 - Season 8) Stringles - Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 8)

How To Get Stringles Pickaxe Fortnite

Stringles belongs to Chapter 2 Season 9. This cosmetic was available as a reward by unlocking Level 20 of Battle Pass from Chapter 2 Season 9.

Axe Stringles Images PNG

Pickaxe Stringles Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Stringles Pickaxe Icon Image

Harvesting Tool Cheat Sheet

Type Fortnite Pickaxes
AvailabilityFortnite Battle Pass
Season9 (Season 19)
Added13 September 2021