Fortnite Stash'd Skin

UNCOMMON OutfitStash'd Price VBucks800 V-Bucks
Rated: 4.6/5 (1045 votes)

No one said being fresh was easy. Stash'd has officially joined forces with the secretive Peace Syndicate. Their mission on the Island is still unclear... But whatever they're up to, they're gonna need a getaway driver.

👕 Stash'd skin is a Uncommon Fortnite Outfit. Is Part of the Fashion Forward set.

📅 This character was added at Fortnite Battle Royale on 18 January 2022 (Chapter 3 Season 1 Patch 19.10).

🙈 First released in the Fortnite Store on 30 January 2022 and the last time it was available was 108 days ago.

🛍️ Skin Stash'd can be purchased from Fortnite Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks when listed again.

Skin Stash'd Styles

default character Style


white character Style


Society Streetwear character Style

Society Streetwear

Set Fashion Forward

The Set Fashion Forward contains 2 cosmetic items.

How To Get Stash'd Skin Fortnite

Stash'd belongs to Chapter 3 Season 1. This outfit can be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks when it reappears in its diary rotation .

Costume Stash'd Images PNG

Skin Stash'd Fortnite Featured Image
Skin Stash'd Fortnite Featured Image
Skin Stash'd Fortnite Icon Image
Fortnite Stash'd Skin Icon Image

TypeFortnite Skins
AvailabilityFortnite Shop
ChapterChapter 3
SeasonSeason 1
Price VBucks800
Added18 January 2022
Release Date30 January 2022
Last Seen26 February 2024
Ocurrences 29

DateDays AgoPrice
Feb 26, 2024 108Stash'd Price VBucks800
Feb 25, 2024 109Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jan 25, 2024 140Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 17, 2023 179Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 16, 2023 180Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 15, 2023 181Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 14, 2023 182Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 13, 2023 183Stash'd Price VBucks800
Nov 16, 2023 210Stash'd Price VBucks800
Oct 5, 2023 252Stash'd Price VBucks800
Sep 3, 2023 284Stash'd Price VBucks800
Aug 2, 2023 316Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jun 8, 2023 371Stash'd Price VBucks800
May 4, 2023 406Stash'd Price VBucks800
Mar 29, 2023 442Stash'd Price VBucks800
Feb 24, 2023 475Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jan 31, 2023 499Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jan 1, 2023 529Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 31, 2022 530Stash'd Price VBucks800
Dec 30, 2022 531Stash'd Price VBucks800
Nov 14, 2022 577Stash'd Price VBucks800
Oct 6, 2022 616Stash'd Price VBucks800
Aug 29, 2022 654Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jul 19, 2022 695Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jun 15, 2022 729Stash'd Price VBucks800
May 15, 2022 760Stash'd Price VBucks800
Apr 6, 2022 799Stash'd Price VBucks800
Mar 4, 2022 832Stash'd Price VBucks800
Jan 30, 2022 865Stash'd Price VBucks800

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